Company History

Company History

Bstar has been providing leading business advisory solutions since 1999. Founded in Australia, Bstar is expanding globally focused on enhancing Bstar's viba advisory process to facilitate Alliance Partners for the growth and success of their SME clients.

Applying the principles of Porters Five Forces model Bstar developed a methodology to assess and measure the impact of qualitative value drivers on a business value, a breakthrough considering past risk assessment processes mainly focused on quantitative value drivers - profit and cash flow.

Bstar then expanded the advisory business model by providing advisory services to industry based SMEs, invented the Business Valuation Tool in 2005 and in 2008 launched the Alliance Partner Program that enabled advisory firms to use the tools, materials and Programs, to expand their advisory services to SMEs.

In 2010 Bstar's operations expanded into New Zealand followed by Canada. The following year Bstar launched the Knowledge Bank that allowed advisers to benchmark the value of one business against similar businesses, those value stemmed from numerous valuations and benchmarks that Bstar had accumulated since inception.

viba was then created to encapsulate all the steps that are required to deliver the advisory needs of SMEs. To present and further enforce the viba discipline, Bstar released the viba White Paper, the objective was to present 7 manageable steps for our Alliance Partners to become their clients’ most trusted Business Adviser and how viba solves the puzzle of getting SMEs to ask and pay for advisory services.

In 2012 Bstar implemented a business development support program to enable Alliance Partners to develop the capability and capacity to create the viba discipline.

In 2013 Bstar expanded into the United Kingdom.

2014, Bstar released a wide range of new viba industry and niche market specialisation packages. The 2014 Accountants Research Report was put to market, and the Industry Performance Benchmarking module was developed further.

2015 and beyond The 2015 Accountants Research Report was released early 2015. Bstar partnered with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand to develop the Practice Advice Essentials Professional Development Course. Enhancements to the Business Valuation Tool are progressing and the training and research components of the business are being developed further. 2016 will see the release of the Medical Specialist Industry Specialisation Package.