Practice Advice Essentials Professional Development Course

How well is your practice positioned to grow advice services?

Bstar Training delivers a highly practical and applicable professional development course that accountants can use to redefine how they do business and completely change their revenue base. The Practice Advice Essentials Professional Development Course is a purpose built course for accountants to transition to a successful advice services practice.

This series of four proven, practical and immediately applicable two hour webinars will help you successfully transit from a compliance based practice to an advice services business model by resolving the four key essentials to achieve advice success:

  • Alignment
  • Engagement
  • Specialisation
  • Support.

Benefits of attending

Key benefits of the course are:

  • Assess how your practice is positioned to grow advice services;
  • Fast track the transition to an advice services practice;
  • Empower your professional staff to deliver 80% of your advice services;
  • Minimise risks from increased compliance fee pressure;
  • Optimise your practice value by attracting ideal clients.

Who should attend

  • Accountants, Financial and Business Advisers wanting to set up or grow their practice SME advice services;
  • Partners or key persons responsible for business services looking to introduce or expand SME advice services;
  • Future practice leaders wanting to grow their fee and client base.

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Practice Advice Essentials
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