Interview: Dental Practice Better Business Program

Help your dental practice clients de-risk their practice!

Ryan Painter from BOQ Specialist interviews our CEO, Grant Bloxham on the Dental Practice Better Business Program.

Research confirm dentists need advice and support to combat threats from corporatisation, increased competition and an oversupply of dentists. The Dental Practice Better Business Program is an automated, industry specific advisory solution for dentists to address these threats, grow, improve and de-risk their practice.

If you advise or would like to advise dentists watch the interview to learn more.

The complete Dental Practice Better Business Program Interview (23 mins) includes the following chapters:

  • Chap. 1: Dental Practice Research Report (2 mins)
  • Chap. 2: The Dental Practice Better Business Program (4 mins)
  • Chap. 3: Demonstration - Business Risks Survey (3 mins)
  • Chap. 4: Demonstration - Risk and Value Driver Assessment (5 mins)
  • Chap. 5: Demonstration - SWOT Workshop (4 mins)
  • Chap. 6: Demonstration - Business Improvement Plan report (2 mins)
  • Chap. 7: Opportunities (3 mins)
  • Chap. 8: Close (1 min)


Watch the complete interview:

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