Interview: Better Business Program

Attracting new 'ideal' clients to your practice

Peter Fowler, Partner at Collins Hume needed an advisory solution to help a group of owners de-risk, grow and improve their business. Peter chose the Better Business Program due to its automation, structure and process. The results will impress you; new clients conversion and business advisory services engagement rates.

Watch the Key Outcomes section of the interview to learn more:

The complete Better Business Program Interview (33 mins) includes the following chapters:

  • Chap. 1: Welcome
  • Chap. 2: Introduction to Peter Fowler & Collins Hume
  • Chap. 3: How did the opportunity to use the BBP arise?
  • Chap. 4: Business Risk Survey
  • Chap. 5: Business Risk Scorecard
  • Chap. 6: RAVDA
  • Chap. 7: SWOT Workshop
  • Chap. 8: BIP report
  • Chap. 9: Key Outcomes: new “ideal” clients
  • Chap. 10: Future Plans – existing clients
  • Chap. 11: Future Plans – new clients
  • Chap. 12: Close


Watch the complete interview:

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