Dental Practice Benchmarks Webinar

Dentists need benchmarking information, advice and support from their accountant.

They are facing increased competition, threats from corporatisation and an oversupply of graduates.

To combat these threats dentists need to improve their practice efficiency, but a lack quality industry benchmarking information is restricting their ability to make informed improvement decisions with support from their trusted adviser.

The BOQ Specialist 2016/17 Dental Practice Research Report confirms dentists want help:

  • 77% of dentists did not believe their practice was operating at peak efficiency;
  • 73% of dentists do not benchmark their practice;
  • 54% of dentists did not know how their operating costs compare to ‘like’ practices.


Bstar and BOQ Specialist recently recorded a webinar discussing how to provide advice and support to dentists.

Watch a short clip from the webinar:

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