Asset Protection and Estate Planning Services Engagement Tool

Although Protecting business and family assets is listed in the top 5 business concerns of SMEs our SME Research highlighted the following:

Extract from Bstar’s 2016/17 SME Research Report
  • 70% have a clear Key Person Risk;
  • 54% of SMEs don’t have Wills in place;
  • Only 29% have enduring powers of attorney;
  • 61% of SMEs have no understanding of estate planning;
  • Only 22% of owners had made estate plans.

The majority of accountants, financial planners and lawyers agree their clients need asset protection and estate planning advice but struggle to secure engagement unless their client has an immediate need to act.

Key findings derived from our proprietary knowledge, processes and systems used to support accountants to secure business advisory services engagements (7 in 10), we are applying these principles to develop an asset protection and estate planning services engagement tool featuring:

  • Cloud based ‘white labelled’ Partner Site, Short and Long Form Needs Assessments;
  • An automated Needs to Solution presentation which provides pre-populated sections and content including:
    • Key Needs
    • Solutions
    • Benefits and Value
  • Industry Valuation Benchmarks to highlight the value to be protected;
  • Engagement Campaigns - Articles, Case Studies, Research Reports; and
  • Branded marketing materials.

The primary purpose of the Tool is to secure more client engagements so you can grow your advisory fee revenue by offering an asset protection and estate planning solution.

The Tool is not a checklist and you will be able to embed your own branded needs assessments and practice solutions specific to your clients identified needs.

The Tool is due for release in 2017, if you would like more information complete the information below.

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