Industry Specialisation


Service, industry and niche market specialisations are proven strategies to retain and attract new ‘ideal’ clients to your practice.

As an Alliance Partner of Bstar you can access a range of Industry Specialisation Packages to grow your practice in your targeted sector/s.

Bstar’s Industry Specialisation Packages feature up to date research information, innovative marketing materials and industry specific viba advisory solutions. Bstar’s packages include:

  • Agri - Beef, Crop and Dairy;
  • Health - Dentistry, GPs, Medical Specialists (due for release 2016/17);
  • Professional Services - Accounting, Engineering, Financial Services and Law;
  • Retail - Pharmacy;
  • Other - Vets.

The web video (2 mins) below highlights how you can use Bstar’s Industry Specialisation Packages to attract new ‘ideal’ clients to your practice.

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