Step 3 of Bstar’s viba advisory process is to use valuation benchmarks to validate your client’s business valuation assessment and Step 6 is to analyse financial and industry performance benchmarks to identify your client’s business strengths and weaknesses.

Bstar offers professional services practices 3 unique categories of benchmarking information:

  1. Valuation - benchmark your clients profit, cap rate and value;
  2. Financial Performance - benchmark your clients top 18 key financial performance indicators;
  3. Industry Performance - benchmark industry specific trading, growth and performance KPIs.

Bstar’s benchmarking information is considered the most accurate, real time benchmarking information available as the primary source of data comes from Bstar’s patented business valuation tool with 50 to 200 new valuations being completed each month.

The web video (2 mins) below highlights the unique categories of Bstar’s benchmarking information.

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