Financial Performance Benchmarks

Financial Performance Benchmarks

  • Where is your client’s business performing well and where can it improve when compared to key industry profitability benchmarks?
  • What can your clients do to improve their cash flow and how will the achievement of cash flow and finance benchmark performance create opportunities for your clients to secure more Bank finance for business growth, improvement and succession?

Bstar’s viba Knowledge Bank Financial Performance Benchmarks provide you with accurate, real time benchmarking information so you can identify your clients business strengths and weaknesses.

Financial Performance Benchmarks are featured in Step 6 of the viba advisory process, Value Improvement Benchmarks - improve performance/increase value.

You can access 3 unique categories of Financial Performance Benchmarks.

  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Cash Flow and Finance

Each financial performance benchmark is collated using industry/SME data entry policies. Reports can be produced for a range of ANZSIC industries and can be further filtered by turnover, number of FTE staff and location (post code).

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