Business Valuations

The demand for business valuations is growing rapidly as business owners seek professional advice on how to protect, grow and maximise the value of their business at time of sale/retirement. Take advantage of these opportunities by subscribing to Bstar’s Business Valuation Tool.
Bstar’s Business Valuation Tool is unique. It uses a patented algorithm that scientifically determines the profit multiple or capitalisation rate when valuing a business.
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3 reasons why Accountants love Bstar's upgraded Business Valuation Tool and Benchmarking Solutions.

New Features!

With its new automated data collation and report generation functionalities, Bstar estimates the time to complete a business value assessment is approximately 45 minutes making value improvement benchmarking advice a highly profitable and growing advisory service for professional services practices that advise successful private and family businesses.

Bstar's viba Business Valuation Tool has received patent approval within Australia. Australian Patent Number: 2007203047 and is APES 225 compliant.

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