Better Business Program

Better Business Program

Help your clients build a better business.

Key Needs

If you are an accountant or financial planner advising business clients and they are concerned about reducing their business risks and building a better business, then as an Alliance Partner of Bstar you can access a Better Business Program.


The Better Business Program is an online, automated advisory solution delivered in 3 stages in a time frame that suits you and your client/s.

Stage 1 : Risks and Value Drivers Assessment ('RAVDA');
Stage 2 : SWOT Workshop and Strategies;
Stage 3 : Business Improvement Plan.

The key outcomes of a Better Business Program are:

  • Preparing a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (‘SWOT’) Report for your client/s;
  • Successfully identifying, addressing, resolving and documenting key risk, growth and improvement strategies for your client, all aimed at securing their future.

The next step is to establish a "sounding board" structure such as a Board of Advice or CFO Program with your client to make sure that action items are tracked and people involved with the execution of the Business Improvement Plan know what is expected in terms of delivery and timeframes.

Special Features of the Better Business Program include:

  • The Business Risks Survey & Scorecard to secure client engagement;
  • Interactive, real time risk/value driver assessment and SWOT analysis functionalities;
  • New technology that enables the Program to be delivered in group sessions;
  • Enterprise and industry specific (e.g. Dentists, GPs etc) versions.

Growing your Advisory Revenue

The 'ideal' client/s for the Better Business Program are a small, SME or multi-owner business. You are able to generate highly profitable new advisory services revenue, secure ongoing professional fees by providing sounding board services and create more financial services opportunities.

Attracting New Clients

To attract new clients to your practice you can combine Insights Collaboration with the Better Business Program and then introduce this innovative ‘win win’ growth strategy to your key centres of influence relationships.

Special Offer: Closes July 31, 2017

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