Business Life Planning Program

Business Life Planning Program

If one of your client’s key needs is to develop an effective, strategic succession plan, Bstar's viba Business Life Planning Program (BLPP) is the answer.

The BLPP provides a comprehensive analysis on your clients business and business life, identifies and promotes discussion on all the business, personal and family factors that need to be considered when developing a plan for the future.

The BLPP is delivered in 3 stages in a time frame that suits your client.

Stage 1: BLPP Information
Stage 2: BLPP Workshop
Stage 3: BLPP Report

The BLPP provides an opportunity for you to advise your clients on how to successfully address, resolve and document key risk, growth, succession and estate planning strategies for their business.

The Program encourages your clients to think about where they want to take their business in the future and, more importantly, how to get there, with your support.

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