Succession and Transition Program

Succession and Transition Program

If your client’s preferred succession option is to transition ownership to family and/or key staff, Bstar's viba Succession and Transition Program (STP) is the answer.

The STP enable you advise your clients on how they can pass on their business ownership and management responsibilities in a structured, seamless, effective manner and, importantly, on their terms.

The STP is delivered in 5 stages in a time frame that suits your client and the future owner.

Stage 1: BLP Future Owner
Stage 2: Transition Plan
Stage 3: Implementation (Optional)
Stage 4: Documentation (Optional)
Stage 5: Monitoring (Optional)

Key outcomes of the succession and transition planning process for your clients include:

  • Reaching agreement on business values, performance and improvement targets, timetables for equity-transfer
  • Clear roles and responsibilities, business structure as well as the documentation of various important corporate documents and each participants’ succession and estate planning requirements.

Contact Bstar now for more information on how to advise and support your clients to smoothly transition management/ownership succession to family and staff.


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